林靜萍 Ching-Ping Lin

Reseach Expertise:Sport Pedagogy, Table Tennis
Office Phone:(02)7749-3218、3191


黃長福 Chen-Fu Huang

Reseach Expertise:Advanced sports biomechanics including experiment (1), special research on human gait, sports biomechanics research method, Tai Chi
Office Phone:(02)7749-6856

鄭志富Chih-Fu Cheng

Reseach Expertise:Administration in Physical Education, Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Human Resource Management in Physical Education, Organizational Behavior in Physical Education and Sport
Office Phone:(02)7749-3211

程紹同 Shao-Tung Cheng

Reseach Expertise:International sports industry management, international sports game management, sports management, sports marketing, sports sponsorship strategy, fitness club management, wood ball (technical course), swimming (technical course)
Office Phone:(02)7749-3214
personal web:

張少熙 Shao-Hsi Chang

Reseach Expertise:Leisure education, sports and leisure industry, health promotion for senior citizens, leisure activity planning, recreational counseling and activity management, boxing (technical course), gymnastics game (technical course), swimming (technical course)
Office Phone:(02)23691398

程瑞福 Jui-Fu Chen

Reseach Expertise:Special research on sports thought, professional growth and evaluation of physical education teachers, principles of physical education, football, sports (swimming, badminton, billiards, physical fitness)
Office Phone:(02)7749-3216

卓俊伶 Hank Junling Jwo

Reseach Expertise:Research on motor behaviors, research on "physical activity" behaviors of all age groups (life span)
Office Phone:(02)7749-3201

洪聰敏 Tsung-Min Hung

Reseach Expertise:Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, applied Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology, Table Tennis, Tennis
Office Phone:(02)7749-3202

蔡虔祿 Chien-Lu Tsai

Reseach Expertise: Sports biomechanics, badminton
Office Phone:(02)7749-6855

季力康 Li-Kang Chi

Reseach Expertise:Sport Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Basketball
Office Phone:(02)7749-3213

林玫君 Mei-Chun Lin

Reseach Expertise:Taiwanese Sport History ; Mountain Climbing and Leisure History ; Body Culture ; P.E. Teacher’s History
Office Phone:(02)7749-1054

陳忠慶 Chung-Ching Chen

Reseach Expertise:Sports physiology, sports training topics, sports medicine, football
Office Phone:(02)7749-6858

張家豪 Jia-Hao Chang

Reseach Expertise:Sport Biomechanics, Medical Engineering, Rehabilitation Technology, Basketball
Office Phone:(02)7749-6864

張育愷 Yu-Kai Chang

Reseach Expertise:Sports psychology, Chinese martial arts
Office Phone:(02)7749-3220

王鶴森 Ho-Seng Wang

Reseach Expertise:Exercise Physiology
Office Phone:(02)7749-6861、3170

王傑賢 Jye-Shyan Wang

Office Phone:(02)7749-3219

邱秀霞 Hsiu-Hsia Chiu

Reseach Expertise:Volley Ball, Dance in Physical Education and Sport, Folk and Social Dance
Office Phone:(02)7749-8461

施登堯 Deng-Yau Shy

Reseach Expertise:Sport Pedagogy, Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Basketball
Office Phone:(02)7749-3208

張川鈴 Chuan-Ling Chang

Reseach Expertise:Sport Management, Swimming
Office Phone:(02)7749-3207

林淑惠 Shu-Hui Lin

Reseach Expertise:Physical Conditioning, Track and Field, Weight Training
Office Phone:(02)7749-3205

徐孟達 Meng-Da Hsu

Office Phone:(02)7749-6860

詹俊成 Chun-Chen Chan

Reseach Expertise:Track and field weight training method sports management leisure education research swimming
Office Phone:(02)7749-3232

劉宏文 Hung-Wen Liu

Office Phone:(02)7749-6863

掌慶維 Ching-Wei Chang

Reseach Expertise:Sports pedagogy, physical education curriculum, physical education teaching, physical education teacher training, basketball, inline skating
Office Phone:(02)7749-3215

王宏豪 Hung-Hao Wang

Reseach Expertise:Exercise Physiology, Dance, Martial Arts
Office Phone:(02)7749-3204, 7749-3169

林慶宏 Ching-Hung Lin

Office Phone:(02)7749-3195, 7749-3210

陳勇志 Yung-Chih Chen

Office Phone:(02)7749-6979

曾明生 Ming-Sheng Tseng

Reseach Expertise:Dance Education, Dance, Swimming
Office Phone:(02)7749-3211

潘光敏 Kuang-Min Pan

Reseach Expertise:Sport Biomechanics, Badminton
Office Phone:(02)7749-8459

張琪 Chi Chang

Reseach Expertise:Gymnastics, gymnastics games, rhythmic activities, freshman sports
Office Phone:(02)7749-3196

鄭國輝 Kuo-Hui Cheng

Office Phone:(02)7749-3205

Joint Professor

張國恩 Kuo-En Chang

Reseach Expertise:Networked corporate training, computer simulation learning, action learning
Office Phone:(02)7749-3932
Laboratory website

湯添進 Tien-Chin Tan

Reseach Expertise:Sports Sociology, Sports and Leisure Policy, China's Sports Industry Development, Olympic Studies, Sports Globalization and Commercialization Issues, Sports Leisure and Youth Development
Office Phone:(02)7749-3234

李恆儒 Heng-Ju Lee

Reseach Expertise:Human movement analysis, clinical gait analysis, sports medicine, sports protection, muscle strength and physical training
Office Phone:(02)7749-6865


方進隆 Chin-Lung Fang

Reseach Expertise:Athletic physiology, Physical fitness

卓俊辰 Jiunn-Chern Jwo

Reseach Expertise:Exercise Prescription, Physical Fitness, Weight Training, Badminton, Tennis

呂碧琴 Pi-Chin Lu

Reseach Expertise: Yoga

吳慧卿 Hui-Chin Wu

文大培 David Wen

Reseach Expertise:Special Topics in Sports Economics

林德嘉 De-Chia Lin

Reseach Expertise:Sports biomechanics

黃正杰 Cheng-Chieh Huang

Reseach Expertise:Frisbee

張至滿 Chih-Man Chang

麥秀英 Hsiu-Ying Mai

許金德 Chin-Te Hsu

Reseach Expertise:Water first aid, swimming

黃國恩 Guo-En Huang

黃欽永 Chin-Yung Huang

Reseach Expertise:Hand ball, Health Qigong

詹德基 Te-Chi Chan

Reseach Expertise:Sports Administration, Social Sports, Chinese Sports Research

熊道天 Tao-Tien Hsiung

潘正宸 Zheng Chen Pan

蕭嘉惠 Chia-Hui Hsiao

Office phone:02-77493223

鍾寶弘 Pao-Hung Chung

Reseach Expertise:Sports Biomechanics, Interactive Motion Analysis, Sensors Technology, Sports Marketing

簡文政 Wen-Cheng Chien

Reseach Expertise:Special Topics in Sports Economics

闕月清 Yue-Qing Que

Reseach Expertise:The study of the effectiveness of physical education, the study of movement learning, the influence of teachers' feedback on physical education, the influence of learners' thought processes and exercises on movement skills learning, the study of physical education trainees and expert teachers, the study of adapting to sports integrated teaching


劉鳳學 Feng-Xue Liu

許樹淵 Shu-Yuan Xu

許義雄 Yi-Xiong Xu

方進隆 Chin-Lung Fang

Reseach Expertise:Athletic physiology, Physical fitness



Undertake business:Bachelor's class affairs (student leave, Wednesday class meeting speech, graduation qualification review, graduate flow survey, event management, other related matters) Bachelor's admissions affairs (star admission, individual admission, individual application, sports performance screening, examination distribution, transfer examination and department transfer, foreign students) Scholarship business (scholarship collection and funding, scholarship application matters) Teacher training and internship counseling business (teacher training qualification report, additional quota report, excellent teacher training review and excellent teacher review application, teaching practice business, internship qualification review, and fifth education internship back-to-school activities) Chief Secretary (inquiry of calendar, itinerary registration) Official document registration (official document registration desk, event information announcement) Temporary tasks


Undertaking business: departmental course scheduling, general physical education, school affairs application (cross-school course selection for bachelor classes, credit credit; mid-term suspension of bachelor classes and graduate students), department curriculum committee, part-time teacher related, international exchanges, temporary assignments


Undertaking business: property management, department funding write-off, equipment, instrument, equipment purchase, venue rental and loan, classroom management, teacher evaluation, promotion, vacation research Temporary tasks


Undertaking business: postgraduate freshman seminar, postgraduate academic presentation, postgraduate study-related, postgraduate admissions examination, postgraduate academic subsidy application, application related business of the Ministry of Science and Technology, temporary assignments