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Sport Pedagogy

According the name suggests, sport pedagogy in National Taiwan Normal University deals with the theory and practice of sports from the perspective of education. Semantically, “sport” refers to any valuable action, activity, or game in human cultures, and the word “pedagogy” derives from the Greek, with the prefix ‘pais’ meaning ‘child’ and the suffix ‘agogein’ meaning ‘to lead’.

As a whole, the discipline is concerned with the impacts of sports on the development of a growing individual, further aiming to enhance the quality of human life. As a compound word, sport pedagogy adopts a theoretical perspective which combines "pedagogy" with "sport science" (such as sport psychology, exercise physiology, sport sociology, sport history, sport humanity) to form a interdisciplinary relationship. The research issues primarily include three aspects:

(1) Theoretical Basis: due to its purpose from a higher perspective, the study puts its focus on concepts of physical education principles, games, movements, performances, health, recreation, among others, as well as the inherent issues of sport pedagogy itself, so as to clarify and verify the practice and implementation of sport pedagogy.

(2) Curriculum and Instruction: the study mainly deals with how to leverage the curriculum content and instruction of sport pedagogy, as well as learning theories and practice to develop and reform after-school sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of physical education activities.

(3) Teacher Cultivation: the study mainly concentrates on physical education teacher training courses, physical education teacher professional development, helping students become outstanding physical education teachers. In addition, multiple research approaches are adopted in laboratories such as empirical research, interpretive analysis, critical interpretation, among other methods to probe into the aforementioned research topics.

In conclusion, sport pedagogy is within the realm of humanistic concerns, and that is the central values and beliefs held in laboratories. During the process of exploration, research teams take the human-centered, human-oriented sport pedagogy as the goal to reach, and thus enhance the quality of human life and the level of educational purposes.
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