In addition to prominent and professional Faculty, our department takes pride in our excellent teaching equipment, training and laboratory facilities. Our department is situated on the third floor of the multi-purpose sports complex in Hoping campus. Athletic Department Office is located on the second floor; the administration office, the departmental classrooms, the Audiovisual Room, College of Sports and Recreation office and Physical Education of Research and Development Center are all located on the third floor. In terms of professional teaching equipment, classrooms and the auditorium asides, there is still a Physical Fitness Center for Teaching Excellence Project. Moreover, both Hoping campus and Kung-Kuan branch are equipped with professional facilities, inclusive of:

  1. Gymnasiums
  2. Track and field
  3. Swimming pools
  4. Dance studios
  5. Gymnastic rooms
  6. Martial arts rooms
  7. Weight training rooms
  8. Table tennis rooms
  9. Basketball courts
  10. Volleyball courts
  11. Tennis courts

In order to improve and develop academic researches on physical education, our department established three laboratories, including Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Sport Biomechanics Laboratory and Physical Activity Psychology Laboratory. Instruments of each laboratory are installed for research and for competitive sports training to strengthen the capability of athletes and to improve performance. Furthermore, to enhance teaching quality, laboratory instruments will be updated if necessary. 
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