Student Core Abilities

I. Aspects of Knowledge and Cognition
1-1 Professional and disciplinary knowledge and capability in physical education and sports
1-2 Practical planning and execution abilities
1-3 Active learning skills to absorb new knowledge of physical education and sports and to follow up international trends

II. Aspects of Technical and Vocational Orientation
2-1 Planning and execution abilities for curriculums in physical education and sports
2-2 Demonstrative and analytical abilities for professional skills in physical education and sports
2-3 Competencies for success in the physical education job and sports market
2-4 Practical problem-solving skills for the administration and management in the physical education and sports industry
2-5 Capabilities for getting sports certificates at home and abroad
2-6 Instructional and promoting skills of physical education activities
2-7 Abilities to utilize modern technologies
2-8 Academic research abilities of physical education and sports

III. Aspects of personalities
3-1 Passion for service and dedication to the industry
3-2 Nice fitness and sports skills
3-3 Healthy and outgoing external image
3-4 Teamwork and negotiation skills
3-5 Active engagement in the enhancement and further studies of physical education and sports expertise
3-6 Critical thinking skills, creativity, communication skills, problem-solving skills and resilience
3-7 Humanistic literacy, senses of social care and global vision

IV. Aspects of values and ethics
4-1 Abidance by professional ethics in sports
4-2 Identification with the professional image in sports
4-3 Obedience to personal self-discipline and public morality in physical education activities and sports
4-4 Contribution to the physical education and sports industry as well as the public
4-5 Obedience to the belief that exercise is one of the fundamental human rights and concern for gender equality and disadvantaged groups
4-6 Abidance by the ethical guideline that the object of pedagogical research and service should be human beings


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