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Integrated Discipline of Sports and Recreation Industry Management

Given the fact that the average annual income per capita in Taiwan is about to reach 20,000 USD, and the five-day workweek has long been adopted, the demand from people for more recreation activities has been significantly increasing. It has been raised as a core issue in the implementation of the government’s physical education policies that how to make plans for nationals to improve life quality through adequate and healthy activities. Thus, this study aims at the cultivation of professionals in sports and recreation industry management. The educational goals are as follows:

Educational Goals
  1. To teach students to utilize knowledge and skills regarding management and marketing in the sports and recreation industry
  2. To train students to apply health promotion concepts to improve the physiques and health potential of target groups
  3. To help students realize the uniqueness and the status quo of every sector in the sports and recreation industry
  4. To enable students to understand the properties of different sports and apply the knowledge to the practice in the sports and recreation industry
  5. To give students an insight into the trend of the sports and recreation industry

Compared with other sport-related departments in Taiwan, our department requires a higher score for admission. Our students have enormous potential to become management experts in the sports and recreation industry, and our professors, instructors are from various academic fields, such as sports policy, human resource management in sports, sports marketing, administration and management in sports, recreation planning, sports for elders, among others. Moreover, we invite famous professors from the College of Management in our school, forming an excellent teaching team to provide high-quality instruction for students.

Future Prospects
  1. Building the system of cooperation between academia and industry to give students more accesses to internships, more practical abilities and experience
  2. Developing characteristics to cultivate excellent professionals in the sports and recreation industry
  3. Creating an international academic exchange channel to provide exchange opportunities for students and teachers and expand their horizons
  4. Participating in activities held by international recreation organizations actively to build up the reputation of our college


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